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Canapés makes conversation: 5 rules for choosing the perfect canapé

Whilst attending an event last week, a couple of colleagues and I struck upon an interesting, and enlightening, topic of conversation… the humble, or often not so humble, canapé. Now you would be wrong to think we weren’t enjoying the event, we very much were, but the humble canapé can hold more importance than you think and requires some careful planning.

With that in mind, here are 5 simple rules to follow when choosing the perfect canapé:

– Keep it clean – one or two neat bites is all you want, anything more and it gets difficult to handle the conversation and the snack.

– Think about the debris – some of the best canapés come with a left over item, but consider carefully about what it is… no one really wants to be left with a prawn’s tail in their hand! (If you do have a piece left over, pre-empt this and circulate a ‘rubbish pot’).

– Finger food – ensure the food can be held in one hand as you don’t want your guests to be doing a juggling act with a drink, business card and a vol au vent.

– Smells – be mindful of the smells your canapés give off as you don’t want your guests to be hit with a wall of bad smell upon arrival.

– Simplicity – make sure the food on offer is obvious; no one wants their conversation interrupted with a description as long as War and Peace!

For me the top five canapés have to be…

– Mini sausages (preferably in honey and mustard)
– Vegetable spring rolls
– A goujan of some kind
– Mini quiche
– Mini burger

…What’s yours? Answers to @madano

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