Research Practice

“Madano combine strategic thinking, robust research and a deep understanding of the issues we are facing”

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Madano’s expert research team provides specialist analysis and evaluation. We work creatively and effectively with data – however limited or inaccessible. We also use innovative methodologies; for example, leveraging social media and web analytics for quantitative research and projective techniques for our qualitative work.

Going beyond traditional research, we offer a range of tools to provide the evidence and intelligence you need to grow your business through informed strategies and communication campaigns.

“The quality of their research work is extremely high – robust, thoughtful, thought-provoking and aware of the wider context”


What we’re known for

  • Research Strategy

    We develop robust research strategies to align with strategic priorities and costs, helping you meet your objectives on message and on budget.

  • Audience Insights

    Defining key audience segments, we help you understand their beliefs, values and behavioural triggers. We also assess peer-to-peer communication, identifying the best channels, format and messaging for audience engagement.

  • Communication and Concepts

    Working across all channels, we help you understand how different audiences perceive your communications, testing specific concepts and executions to validate their relevance and impact.

  • Markets and Competitors

    You need to understand the market environment for your products or services; we help you assess the competitor landscape, identifying gaps and opportunities and developing insights into new markets.

  • Reputation Management and Stakeholder Relations

    Measuring and tracking your organisation’s reputation, we assess your performance against your peer group; we also explore how key stakeholders perceive you and how to engage them effectively.

  • Impact and Effectiveness

    We evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your programmes, projects or campaigns, including KPI identification, benchmarking, ongoing tracking and reporting.


Sector Expertise

Madano’s consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, which means we have expertise in a number of industries and sectors.

We’re particularly known for our work in: